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Top 5 Job Ideas For ACCA Girls – Acca Study Material

Top 5 Job Ideas For ACCA Girls

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Img Source : http://lunatots.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Workingmom.jpg

Although trend changed a lot for the girls to be not allowed to work but still there are social pressures or some ladies choose housewife and still think that there education is getting wasted. I am sharing my ideas with you. Following are Top 5 Job Ideas For Acca Girls. Share this article with friends if you liked it.


1. OBU Mentoring:-

The easiest one is mentoring students investment required is very little if you completed your OBU then study the OBU pack and with little more efforts you can get students. But first you need to clear the OBU mentoring module available on the website. Some institutions are also very supportive hiring the females in OBU mentoring. But for institutions they give very less share of the profit but still to learn and get skills. Only 5 to 6 hours of work is required per week if you have 5 students. Plus you can review the work from home also and add comments. Search more about this. You will apply your business and financial skills and review the work of students. Please don’t write thesis for a student that is un-ethical.

2. ACCA Teaching:-

Yes teaching a subject to ACCA students can also be one of the options. You can get female students, mentor them and guide them. Online and on campus both options are available. But for that you will have to work a little bit on preparing for the materials. Again per week hours are like 4 to 5. If you can’t start as teacher start as teacher assistant, don’t think that teacher assistant get less they are teacher in making.

3. Online freelancing:-

Lot of patience is require for this setting up websites, writing articles etc.Start by making accounts on the freelance website. You might not get accounting related work but you might succeed to if you are lucky. Work from home is not much available in Pakistan, I saw a website in UAE where they were advertising work from home for UAE women. You can write articles for blogs. You can write business proposals and other documentation work. Again that depends on your efforts and your presence on the freelance websites.


4. Marketing Executives:-

Business are mostly going online. They need social media managers. A little effort in this field first learn about the social media marketing and then try to get experience and job online by managing the social media campaign for that company.

5. Recruiter/ Head Hunter:-

Companies might require HR personnel that can work from home and find or help to find Hr personnel. This is little tough but it can be done a with little expertise.
Remember in any field money shall not be the prime target initially. You have to spend a little and invest on your skills money will come later on with how much efforts you put and the level of skill set you have and the quality of professional services you provide.

“Anything written here is author’s opinion, and shall not be considered conclusive”

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